Gesellschaftsgliederung in Wien


Gesellschaftsgliederung in Wien


Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft, Plate #81, "Viennese Social Structure in 1700 and the Present". Literally, "Isotype" means "same type." This means that the same symbol is consistently used to refer to the same concept or object, thus minimizing confusion and misunderstanding. In turn, different symbols must be used to represent different objects or, in this case, different professions and occupations. This plate is an excellent example of how Isotype can present an enormous amount of data by using slight but significant differences in symbols. Since 1700 the Viennese workforce has changed: the workforce is much larger (represented by gray shadows behind the figures), new professions have emerged (such as industrial or factory work), and other professions have dwindled relative to the overall economy. Through creative design the chart conveys the distribution of specific occupations, the distribution of men, women, and children across the economy and, through the use of color, the general distribution of occupations across professional, agricultural, governmental, and working class categories.



Neurath, Otto, 1882-1945


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