Vermögensverteilung im Deutschen Reich


Vermögensverteilung im Deutschen Reich


Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft, Plate #91, "Wealth Distribution in Germany". This plate uses only a few simple symbols to present several layers of economic data. It shows that a relatively small number of people—1-2% of the population—have significant wealth (>100,000 Marks, roughly equal to $350,000 today). Moreover, this group has a disproportionate share of Germany's assets: more than the larger middle class and nearly as much as the entire working class and the German nation itself. It is difficult to see how either words or tables of numbers could describe the situation as clearly or efficiently. As Marie Neurath noted, "We do not say: what you can say in words, we can also say in pictures. What we say is: Don't say in words what you can say in pictures" (Neurath 1950, 26).



Neurath, Otto, 1882-1945


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