Forbidden Worlds, no. 42


Forbidden Worlds, no. 42


One of American Comics Group's longest-running titles, Forbidden Worlds featured tales of alien visitors from other planets, time travel, and other strange happenings. Perhaps most notable about this issue is its cover, by ACG artist Ogden Whitney. Whitney would go on to create the character Herbie, sometimes known as the superhero Fat Fury, in the pages of Forbidden Worlds, eventually resulting in the character's own series in the 1960s. As Dan Nadel notes, Whitney developed a curiously familiar yet emblematic art style: "Every boss is bald and plump and chomps a cigar, every businessman looks like Rock Hudson, and every office and home is straight out of the Sears catalog." This makes the strange events on the cover even more uncanny, as they seem to be happening to such typical, ordinary figures. (Reference: Dan Nadel, "Sucker Punch," Bookforum (Feb/Mar 2009).




Hughes, Richard E., 1909-1974 (Editor)
Whitney, Ogden, 1918- (Penciler & Inker)


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