Mystery Tales, no. 40


Mystery Tales, no. 40


This issue of Mystery Tales was featured in an episode of the TV series Lost in 2008 ("Cabin Fever," Season 4, Episode 11). Along with that bit of strange coincidence, the issue contains a number of strange stories, including famed comics artist Steve Ditko's "March Has 32 Days," about an inspector who mysteriously relives a day so as to prevent a bridge collapse. The cover of this issue is drawn by Carl Burgos, who created the original Human Torch in 1939. As Sean Howe notes, "Burgos's low-budget primitivist style only increased the sense that the flimsy buildings, cars, and people the Torch encountered were hastily constructed only to be destroyed in short measure" (13). That same ephemerality applies to the floating "Hidden Land" on this cover. (Reference: Sean Howe, Marvel Comics: The Untold Story. New York: Harper, 2012.)




Lee, Stan, 1922-2018 (Editor)
Burgos, Carl (Penciler & Inker)
Goldberg, Stan (Colorist)


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