Plastic Man, no. 61


Plastic Man, no. 61


Quality Comics' Plastic Man series would only last for three more issues. In late 1956, the publisher would go out of business and sell its characters and titles to DC Comics. This issue contains all reprinted stories, from earlier issues of the title. One of them, in particular, a ghost story titled "Woozy," was modified from its original version to conform to the rules of Comics Code Authority. A cluster of ghoulish ghosts on the story's title page was replaced with a cartoonish human face, no more creepy skulls or bulging eyeballs. The final story in this issue was drawn by Plastic Man's creator, the artist Jack Cole. As Art Spiegelman has claimed, Cole's Plastic Man and his infinite ability to move through space "literally embodied the comic book form: its exuberant energy, its boyishness, and its only partially sublimated sexuality" (38). (Reference: Art Spiegelman and Chip Kidd, Jack Cole and Plastic Man: Forms Stretched to Their Limits! New York: Chronicle, 2001.)




Grenet, Alfred (Editor)
Arnold, Richard (Editor)
Dillin, Dick, 1928-1980 (Penciler & Inker)


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