Where has the 13th floor gone to?



Where has the 13th floor gone to?


Modern Man in the Making, p. 131. Modern Man in the Making describes the process by which the modern world was coming into existence. But Neurath was under no illusions that this process was inevitable. As this final graphic shows, there are vestiges of superstition and tradition even in the grandest projects of the modern world: e.g., no 13th floor in modern skyscrapers. Neurath himself was forced to flee both Austria and the Netherlands as Nazi Germany seized both countries. The fact that many of the issues Neurath highlighted—e.g., income and wealth distribution—are still topics of conversation would suggest that the early 21st century faces the same problems as the early 20th. While Neurath's claim that "words divide — pictures unite" may be unfair to words (and too fair to pictures), today we are more aware than ever of the need for clearly presented, honest information.




Neurath, Otto, 1882-1945


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